Our USDA Certified Processor is H&P Meats located in South Pittsburg, TN – 423-837-4888. When buying a whole steer, you will speak with the processor about how you would like your steer cut. You will be purchasing the carcass weight of a steer which is approximately 600 lbs. Your take-home weight will be determined by the types of cuts you choose. Boneless cuts may reduce your take-home weight up to 20%.


Be prepared to answer the following questions.

  • What Meat Do you want?
  • New York Strips and Tenderloin Steaks 0R T-Bones
  • Size of Steaks (3/4 inch recommended)
  • Roasts and Size – Chuck, Sirloin, Rump 2 or 4 lbs roast
  • Size of Burger Packs (1lbs, 2lbsk, 5lbs or 10lbs)
  • Number of Packs of Boneless Stew
  • What to do with Round Steak/Cube Steak, Hamburger or Stew (this cut has little fat and will need to be tenderized or slow-cooked)
  • Briskets (roughly two, 5-6 lb) – Great for Smoking
  • Soup Bones
  • Flank Steak